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DIY Cleaning & Sealing

If you are keen on DIY and want to carry out paving cleaning and sealing yourself in Hants, we can supply you with all the tools and materials for a DIY paving refurbishment project. This option can certainly save you money and still give you the professional finish you are looking for.

We work closely with Smartseal, suppliers of high quality paving sealants, to provide homeowners all over Hampshire with the materials and equipment they need to carry out the work. To see how paving cleaning and sealing is done, please take a minute to view our paving refurbishment video.

Before you start, its important to know the size of the area you are looking to refurbish so you can order the right amount of materials for the project. Take some measurements of the paved area, then use the materials calculator on the Smartseal website to work out what you need.

If you need any technical advice prior to going ahead with the work then please call 0800 988 0348 or enquire online